Life Rings

It happened again.

For the third time in two weeks, a struggling swimmer's life was saved thanks to new life rings placed on the beach by the Blue Boot Foundation.

The rodeo announced on social media recently that another swimmer was saved, the third in recent days.

This has been a deadly spring and summer on Grand Isle and several swimmers have drowned and authorities have been called to other situations that were close calls.

In recent days, the life rings have been the difference in preserving life and allowing swimmers who otherwise may not have survived to safely return to shore.

From the inception of the Blue Boot Rodeo, Darby and Nicole Bourgeois have said that their mission was to raise awareness on drowning education and prevention, and they've sort of developed the motto that "if they could save one life, it would all be worth it."

They've unquestionably done that and now, they're looking to do more.

Based on the success of the first round of life rings on the beach, the rodeo announced today on social media that they will be providing 40 additional life ring stands to place throughout Grand Isle in the hope of continuing to help limit drowning incidents on Grand Isle.

The rodeo said it would like to thank Pete Besson, the Town of Grand Isle, and the Dufrene Family with Dufrene Building Materials for helping to allow the project to become reality.

The new posts will begin where the current ones left off and will extend all the way through Bridgeside Marina.

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