A Unity March was held in Thibodaux today to peacefully protest racial injustice in the United States and to promote unity for all people of all races. 

The march had a large turnout and there were no reports of violence, as locals made their case for equality. The Thibodaux Police Department monitored the march and ensured that there were no incidents.

Kirsten Angelette, President of Nicholls State University's SPA, said the event was a success.

"Today, we had a great turnout for the Unity March in Thibodaux," she said. "After the march, we gathered together to amplify our voices for the Black Community. I hope to see the community come together like we did today."

The march was one of thousands of its kind that have occurred in the United States since the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota who was killed by a police officer, despite being unarmed. The officers involved in that incident have all been charged, including the lead offender being given second-degree murder.

See photos from the Thibodaux event.

Photos 1-5 by ANGELLE LEGENDRE | LAFOURCHE GAZETTE. Photos 6-10 by Misty McElroy and TPD.

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