Jarod Martin

Lafourche Parish Schools Superintendent Jarod Martin told The Gazette this afternoon that he is hopeful that schools will not have to change in Governor John Bel Edwards' revised Phase II declaration, but he's still seeking more information from the state about what the new phase will fully entail. 

Martin said it is his preference to keep Lafourche schools in their current format going forward with K-8 schools going to campus 5 days a week and high schools using a hybrid schedule.

But Martin also said he's not been given an official proclamation from the state, nor BESE regarding what the new, revised Phase II will mean in terms of classroom sizes, and how many students will be allowed on school buses - two things that could cause issues for the school district. 

Governor Edwards said in his press conference that he would allow school districts to dictate how their learning years would proceed, which many are interpreting as a sign that on-campus learning will be able to continue 5 days a week in the new declaration. 

But before Martin announces that, he said he will be seeking more information from the state. 

"We're hopeful, but we're just not sure yet," Martin said. "We will get more guidance in the coming days and we will let everyone know."

Martin said repeatedly that it's his preference to allow Lafourche schools to stand pat with their current format with most students going to on-campus learning 5 days a week.

"If we had a magic wand, that's what it would look like," Martin said.

But he also said that no matter what guidance comes from BESE, Lafourche will be ready and able to adjust.

"We're fully committed to doing what we have to do to keep our children and our employees safe," Martin said. "That is our No. 1 priority." 

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