School Bus

The Louisiana Department of Education has issued the guidance the state will follow in terms of re-opening schools for the upcoming year.

The guidance, as expected, is heavily focused on practicing social distancing and it gives specific plans for how schools will operate, based on the phase that we're in at the time of re-opening.

It also talks about how schools plan to deal with sick students, bus travel, athletics and more.

We will not tear apart the plan piece-by-piece because we do not yet know what phase we will be in when re-opening takes place. 

But we know we have a bunch of concerned parents who want to know what might be in store, so below is the plan, in full. 

Please also note: Plans will be decided locally by the Lafourche Parish School District. The plan below is suggested guidance from the state, guidance that will likely be heavily used to shape what Lafourche opts to do. 

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