Casey's Corner

The NBA season is less than 24 hours away, so we have tons and tons of sports talk in a loaded episode. We talk to well-known Independent pro wrestler "Mustang" Mike Beadle about life as a wrestler and some of the challenges in the industry due to COVID. We then take 14 of your questions - some COVID and some not - in an Ask Casey Anything segment. We close by talking sports with some MLB, NBA, LHSAA talk, then our Sports Betting Blitz. 


Show Rundown 

0:00 - 8:05 - We set the stage for the episode with a brief show introduction.  

9:05 - 32:51 - We talk with local professional Indy wrestler Mustang Mike Beadle about his career, the challenges of wrestling in the pandemic and some of the amazing things he's done in his career. 

33:40 - 1:03:42 - Ask Casey Anything - We answer COVID questions and questions about all of the things going on in the world of sports - 14 questions total.  

1:04:51 - end - We end with a sports segment talking about the Dodgers/Astros melee, the NBA re-opening and some of the latest happenings in the LHSAA. We wrap up with our Sports Betting Blitz and some WWE talk. 


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