Six have been rescued, but 13 remain missing from a capsized vessel in the Gulf just south of Grand Isle.

The vessel left around 2 p.m., yesterday, and according to the United States Coast Guard, it capsized near 4 p.m. in incredibly rough seas and winds that many near Grand Isle said were reminiscent of a hurricane with 70+ mph winds and extremely rough seas.

The Coast Guard said yesterday the capsized vessel was a 256-foot commercial vessel. Overnight, they have corrected themselves and said the vessel was 129 feet. 

The ship had 19 men aboard, of which Coast Guard and Good Samaritan vessels have since brought 6 to shore. 

Search efforts remain for the other 13 who are believed to still be in the water. 

Rescue efforts have been challenging. A chopper was scheduled to assist last night, but had to be called off because of winds that were near tropical storm force throughout the night. And one Good Samaritan told The Gazette this morning that the seas are "crazy rough." 

Today, more wind and rain are expected, which further complicates the effort. 

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