The Louisiana Department of Health has issued case data for nursing homes and several of Lafourche's COVID-19 cases and deaths have come from area nursing homes.

The parish has 51 nursing home deaths from coronavirus, which means that 79.6 percent of the parish's COVID-19 deaths are patients in nursing home facilities.

Some of the local nursing homes have had severe problems with huge percentages of patients having contracted the virus.

Nursing homes are considered the No. 1 target for coronavirus because the patients are almost all at-risk elderly with pre-diagnosed conditions. That's the part of the population that the virus thrives on most. It also is near-impossible to socially distance patients who are living in such close quarters, such as those in nursing homes. 

The full breakdown is below.

Audubon Home and Health - 101 residents, 62 COVID-19 cases amongst residents, 20 deaths amongst residents, 28 COVID-19 cases amongst staff.

Broadway Nursing and Rehab Center - 88 residents, 55 COVID-19 cases amongst residents, 14 deaths amongst residents, 14 COVID-19 cases amongst staff.

Lafourche Home for the Ages - 60 residents, 8 COVID-19 cases amongst residents, 2 deaths amongst residents, 10 COVID-19 cases amongst staff.

South Lafourche Nursing and Rehab - 96 residents, 0 COVID-19 cases amongst residents, 0 deaths amongst residents, 1 COVID-19 case amongst staff.

Thibodaux Healthcare Center - 45 residents, 43 cases amongst residents, 15 deaths amongst residents, 25 cases amongst staff.

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