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Divers have found another dead body inside the capsized Seacor Power, bringing the total confirmed dead to 5 in the incident.

Multiple family members have confirmed the news on social media that they have been informed of another body found inside the capsized vessel by divers. This body was found late Sunday night and has not yet been identified. 

The Coast Guard has not yet released a statement confirming the death. 

With the new discovery, there are now 6 rescues, 5 dead and 8 crew members missing from the 19-man crew.

Divers worked throughout the day Sunday and will continue overnight and throughout the day Monday. Work has amped up because weather conditions have cleared which have made conditions safer for the divers.

Today, they completed their search into the third deck of the vessel. They now have just the 2nd deck, 1st deck and galley remaining. Work to explore the 2nd deck was supposed to begin on Sunday, but it is not known if that is where the new body was found aboard the Power. 

As of Sunday night, relatives were being told by Coast Guard officials that there was still the possibility of life in the vessel due to the presence of air pockets, and that is why rescue efforts have not consisted of moving the Power - to not disrupt those air pockets and seal them off. 

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