The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for southern Lafourche Parish.

The NWS said a storm capable of producing a tornado was located near Fourchon or 25 miles south of Galliano. It is moving northeast at 25 mph. 

Because of the direction of forward motion for the storm, it shouldn't be impacting any other areas of Lafourche Parish, though our area does remain under a flash flood warning because other rains will continue to soak our area. Grand Isle could, however, come in contact with the storm.  

The tornado warning is in effect until 6:15 p.m. 

The NWS says the storm will be around the port at 6:05 p.m., and radar loops show extremely heavy rains and winds attached to the storm. 

There are no reports of a tornado on the ground in Fourchon. The warning is due to satellite images showing a storm strong enough to produce a cyclone. 

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