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Divers have cleared Level 1 of the Seacor Power without further known discovery. 

Family members were told that divers were able to thoroughly search Level 1 of the capsized vessel with no known discovery. They will now move to the vessel's galley. 

So far, parts of the engine room, wheel house, level 3, level 2 level 1 of the vessel have been searched by divers. The engine room was the only place where discoveries were made – two bodies were found.

Three others were found dead in the Gulf. 

To date, there are still 6 rescued, 5 dead and 8 missing aboard the 19-man crew. 

The United States Coast Guard suspended their search for the missing men yesterday at sun-down. The Coast Guard covered more than 9,000 nautical miles in their search, and were on the scene of the vessel within 30 minutes of its capsizing. 

But Seacor will continue to employ DonJon divers to search the ins and outs of the vessel. That search will now move to the galley, which could be completed sometime today. 

The hope is that the missing men could still be alive inside the vessel, but time is not on rescuers' sides now 7 days removed from the incident. 

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