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Divers have completed their search of the third deck of the capsized Seacor Power with no further discovery.

Multiple sources have confirmed that news to The Gazette this evening, saying that the day's calm conditions allowed divers to stay in the vessel for most of the day. Work to search the second deck has either just begun or is in the process of beginning. 

Family members have been told that the rescue operation is still considered a life-saving operation and there is still a hope that there could be someone alive inside the vessel. 

The Power capsized around 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Since that time, 6 have been rescued, 4 have been found dead and 9 others are still missing.

Many on social media have asked why investigators have not made efforts to move the vessel or cut into its structure. According to sources, the rescue team is not doing that because they know there is still air in some places of the vessel, and they do not want to seal off those air sources and possibly harm someone who may be alive inside.

With the entire week forecast to be calm and dry, work should be mostly round the clock. 

Vessels and planes are patrolling the water in a huge radius around the vessel, and divers are going to continue to try and find the crew inside.

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