Entergy made a huge dent in its Lafourche Parish electrical outages over the weekend.

The company says that 40% of Lafourche customers have had their power restored, leaving the parish with 27,519 customers without power, as of Monday at 9 a.m. On Friday, Lafourche had more than 45,000 customers without power, so weekend work has restored power to a lot of the northern and central reaches of the parish.

In the state, there are 106,544 customers without power. The majority of those outages are concentrated in the southeastern reaches of the state. Lafourche and Terrebonne alone make up close to 50,000 of the state’s 106,544 customer outages.

Entergy has set a goal date of September 29 for the restoration of power to Lafourche Parish, but as The Gazette reported last week, the company said a lot of the parish would have power well before then – a benchmark the company delivered with 40% of the customers restored on September 13.

Entergy has said repeatedly that work will continue around the clock until all of the power in our area is back on.

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