Coronavirus cases in the United States are incrementally going up, but deaths from COVID-19 are still incrementally going down. 

In the past 2 weeks, the United States has seen a noticeable spike in its total COVID-19 cases, as states like Arizona, Florida, Texas and others have seen huge surges in their total COVID-19 case loads.

But as the new cases come in, one stat that's continuing to go down is death. 

Fewer United States residents are dying of COVID-19 today than in the heart of the pandemic and the deaths are dropping incrementally, even as new cases go up.

The reason for this, medical experts have said, is that new cases are most affecting younger patients who typically have a better outcome.

But other factors, medical experts say, is that there are better medical protocols for treating the virus, and testing is also both more abundant and results come back quicker, which many in the field believe have improved outcomes. 

Experts say the next several days will be key, because most new cases don't turn into hospitalizations or deaths for many days. So if we can continue a negative trend in death beyond the surge in cases, that would be a positive sign. 

But there is also still a threat because the more young carriers there are, the more likely it also is that older people will contract the virus, which could cause an uptick in death, as well. 

See the data day-by-day dating back to May 31: 

We group the data by days of the week, because that's a great way to track trends. For example: death reporting is often lowest on weekends and highest in mid-week as coroners catch up on reporting. Studying data comparing one Monday to other Mondays is more accurate than studying day-by-day data. 


June 1: 22,420 new cases, 735 deaths. 

June 8: 19,059 new cases, 597 deaths. 

June 15: 20,889 new cases, 432 deaths. 

June 22: 31,514 new cases, 369 deaths. 


June 2: 22,275 new cases, 1,146 deaths. 

June 9: 19,072 new cases, 1,106 deaths. 

June 16: 25,619 new cases, 859 deaths. 

June 23: 36,038 new cases, 871 deaths. 


June 3: 20,821 new cases, 1,103 deaths. 

June 10: 21,027 new cases, 998 deaths. 

June 17: 26,239 new cases, 819 deaths. 

June 24: 38,412 new cases, 819 deaths. 


June 4: 22,839 new cases, 1,049 deaths. 

June 11: 23,474 new cases, 918 deaths. 

June 18: 27,948 new cases, 758 deaths. 

June 25: 40,212 new cases, 653 deaths. 


June 5: 25,411 new cases, 987 deaths. 

June 12: 27,389 new cases, 800 deaths. 

June 19: 33,566 new cases, 729 deaths. 

June 26: 47,341 new cases, 663 deaths. 


June 6: 22,851 new cases, 717 deaths. 

June 13: 25,476 new cases, 716 deaths. 

June 20: 33,412 new cases, 582 deaths. 

June 27: 43,581 new cases, 512 deaths. 


May 31: 20,743 new cases, 650 deaths. 

June 7: 18,921 new cases, 384 deaths. 

June 14: 20,170 new cases, 336 deaths. 

June 21: 26,102 new cases, 271 deaths. 

June 28: 40,540 new cases, 285 deaths

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