Without a "case dump" in today's new Department of Health COVID-19 numbers, new daily case growth returned to their normal rates - now a week into the state's re-opening.

Louisiana COVID-19 cases rose from 36,504 yesterday to 36,925 today.

The state's COVID-19 death today has risen from 2,506 yesterday to 2,545 in the new update, which consists of data compiled from 12:01 p.m. yesterday to 11:59 a.m. today.

The state processed 6,427 tests in the new update.

For Lafourche Parish, COVID-19 case growth grew from 763 cases yesterday to 766 today. The parish has 65 COVID-19 deaths, up one from yesterday. 

All of the above numbers are TOTAL cases, not ACTIVE cases. The active cases in Louisiana are far lower, as 26,249 recoveries have been reported in the state - a number that is actually probably more than 30,000 now because the figure is many days old.

By slowing new daily COVID-19 cases, the state has made miraculous strides in staying in front of its patient demand in hospitals.

At one time, there were more than 2,100 patients in hospitals with COVID-19-related ailments, a number which had the state at risk of seeing its hospital system overtopped.

But we've since made a drastic comeback. Today, there are 867 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 ailments. That's down from 884 yesterday.

The state has 104 patients on ventilators. That's down from 107 yesterday.

The state once had 571 patients on ventilators at the peak of the pandemic.

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