Louisiana COVID hospitalizations continued to rise on Friday, one day after Governor John Bel Edwards warned that Phase I could be returning for Louisiana if momentum doesn't slow.

But fortunately, the increase was moderate compared to the rises we've seen in recent days. 

In the Department of Health's new update, COVID hospitalizations rose from 1,585 to 1,600. Ventilator use stayed steady at 197 for the second-straight day. 

Yesterday, Governor Edwards warned that hospitals in Louisiana were nearing capacity and that both bedding and staffing were serious concerns going forward - issues which could halt our economic re-opening, if not outright sending us backward a phase.

For our region, Region 3, COVID hospitalizations are 69 in the new update. They were 66 yesterday. Ventilator use went from 12 to 11.

The new hospitalizations are coming as new cases grow in Louisiana due to a now month-long spike. 

Total state cases rose from 101,650 to 103,734 in the new update.

The new cases come from tests processed in the past 24 hours. Louisiana processed 24,858 of those tests in the new update. Adding 2,084 new cases to 24,858 processed tests is a 8.3% positive rate, which is lower than we'd been seeing lately. 

The state has 3,603 COVID deaths. That's up from 3,574 yesterday. 

For Lafourche, the total case numbers are 2,237. They were 2,194 yesterday. There are 94 Lafourche COVID deaths. 

The parish had 282 processed COVID tests yesterday. Adding 43 new cases in 282 processed tests is a 15.2% positive rate. 

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