Gov. Edwards

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said at a press conference today that school is still scheduled to resume on April 13 in Louisiana.

The governor said that if Louisiana doesn't "flatten the curve," there is a chance that classes wouldn't resume on that date, but no decision has been made about that at this time and classes are still penciled in to resume on April 13.

"Schools are still scheduled to resume at that time," he said. "It can change, but we've not changed from that April 13 date at this time."

The Governor did say that there is a three-pronged plan for Louisiana schools and that right now, prong one is for schools to resume on April 13.

If that can't happen, prong two would be for classes to resume at a later date, maybe in mid-late April or early May.

If that can't happen, there is a chance that the entire remaining dates in the 2019-20 school year would be canceled.

The governor said that no matter when schools can resume, there will be no standardized testing requirements for students this school year. Students will also not have to meet the number of required dates of attendance to be promoted to the next grade and letter-grade accreditations for specific schools will not be issued.

The Governor said before any concrete decision is made, he will consult with education experts. He stressed that final decisions will be made based on what's in the best interests of the children in Louisiana.

The Governor urged parents to be proactive in the time off, asking them to seek out educational materials to keep students busy learning.

"Keep them reading and keep their minds active," Edwards said. 

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