A disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico is likely to develop into our next named storm.

The system is not expected to rapidly strengthen, nor is its center expected to come to our area. But its lopsided shape is expected to bring heavy rains to the Louisiana coast next week.

A disturbance just off the Yucatan is given an 80% chance to develop in the next few days. It is expected to enter the western Gulf later today. The disturbance is expected to drift to the northwest, then take a turn more toward the north. Forecast models call for the disturbance to strengthen to a tropical storm before making landfall near southeast Texas or extreme Western Louisiana. Because that track would put our area on the eastern side of a disorganized, lopsided storm, our area could be in line for some soaking rains next week with some model estimates calling for as much as 5-7 inches over the next 7 days for Lafourche.

Conditions in the Gulf are not conducive for rapid strengthening, so the area is not expected to be much more than a rainmaker.

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