Louisiana COVID hospitalizations continue to rise today, as the third coronavirus wave continues to take shape in our state and country.

The state reports 1,325 COVID hospitalizations today, up from 1,288 reported yesterday. 

Hospitalizations continue to rise sharply in the state - an incline which started in mid-October. 

The state's hospitalizations rose to 1,600 at the peak of the last COVID wave in late-summer, but those numbers had then cooled to 522 hospitalizations in early-October before rising again to the current number. 

Ventilators are still plentiful in Louisiana, but COVID patients using them continue to rise, as well.

There are 142 such patients in the state today, up from 134 reported yesterday.

But our region's progress is better than the state's. 

While state hospitalizations have risen sharply in recent days, our region, Region 3, has not seen the same sharp rises.

Today, our Region 3 COVID hospitalizations dropped from 34 to 32, while the numbers of patients on ventilators stayed flat at 1.

In the past 10 days, our region has been stable. On November 23, there were 37 patients hospitalized in Region 3, and the number has seemingly plateaued since to the 32 patients we have today - a good sign for our area.

The reason the state's hospitalizations are rising is because more people in Louisiana are getting the virus today than 2-3 months ago when our numbers were dropping.

Today, the state reports 2,774 new COVID cases, bringing state totals to 230,029 since the start of the pandemic.

More concerning is our % positive rate today, which is 10.6% with 2,774 new cases and 26,111 processed tests. That 10.6% positive rate is a troubling sign, as our positivity numbers were in the 3-4% range just weeks ago when the virus had cooled in the state. 

The state reports 23 new COVID deaths today, bringing Louisiana's death totals to 6,252 since the start of the pandemic. 

For Lafourche Parish, there are 56 new COVID cases reported today, bringing the parish's totals to 4,503. 

The parish's % positive rate today is 9.6% with 56 new cases and 578 processed tests. 

The parish has 136 confirmed COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic. 

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