In the past 2 days, Lafourche Parish Government has been alerted to close to 50 new COVID-19 cases.

The majority of those cases came from patients residing in the northern portion of Lafourche Parish.

Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson told The Gazette today that in the past 48 hours, 29 of Lafourche's 46 new COVID-19 cases are from northern Lafourche residents. This marks a change in data from recent weeks. 

At first, the virus was mostly condensed in northern Lafourche, then in recent weeks, South and Central Lafourche were hit the hardest. 

In the past week, the virus had been mostly evenly spread until the last two reports, which show the majority of cases coming from northern Lafourche.

Chaisson said there are 218 active cases of COVID-19 in the parish at this time.

See the data for the past 2 days worth of cases below:

Northern Lafourche: 29 cases (63.0%)

Central Lafourche: 4 cases (8.7%)

South Lafourche: 9 cases (19.6%)

Unknown: 4 cases (8.7%)


See the data for ACTIVE Lafourche cases below:

Northern Lafourche: 71 active cases (32.6%) 

Central Lafourche: 61 active cases (28.0%) 

South Lafourche: 77 active cases (35.3%)

Unknown: 9 cases (4.1%)

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