Young people are catching coronavirus more rapidly than another other age group in the past week, continuing a trend in both Louisiana and also around the rest of the United States.

In the past 7 days, the majority of Louisiana cases have come in patients under 40, though the majority of Louisiana deaths remain in the elderly. 

The uptick in "younger" cases come a month in Phase II and there are likely several factors that go into the rise. 

First, younger people predominantly make up the labor force, so enhanced re-opening efforts have increased their public contact. Those people are also more likely to go to bars and other things that are recently re-opened, but were previously closed.

They also are the age group most likely to have participated in protests for racial equality around the state, some events gathering thousands of people together in small, tight quarters. 

Regardless of the reason, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has issued a challenge to all people 30 and under to refocus and take the virus more seriously. The death rate in young people contacted with COVID-19 is very small, but the more carriers of a disease that there are, the more likely it is that greater elderly people will be infected in the future, which could cause issues for hospitals. 

See the numbers below:

(NOTE: Mortality rates are likely highly skewed because each age group likely has more total cases due to testing shortages early in the pandemic. Percentages are likely lower than listed)


On June 22: 2,207 cases, 3 deaths

Today: 2,871 cases, 3 deaths (0.10% mortality rate)

664 total new cases, 0 deaths


Ages 18-29

On June 22: 8,456 cases, 10 deaths

Today: 10,485 cases, 11 deaths (0.10% mortality rate)

2,029 total new cases, 1 death


Ages 30-39

On June 22: 8,170 cases, 53 deaths

Today: 9,105 cases, 55 deaths (0.60% mortality rate)

935 total new cases, 2 deaths


Ages 40-49

On June 22: 8,056 cases, 109 deaths

Today: 8,840 cases, 111 deaths (1.25% mortality rate)

784 total new cases, 2 deaths


Ages 50-59

June 22: 8,312 cases, 264 deaths

Today: 8,968 cases, 269 deaths (2.99% mortality rate)

656 total new cases, 5 deaths


Ages 60-69

June 22: 6,910 cases, 534 deaths

Today: 7,374 cases, 545 deaths (7.39% mortality rate)

464 total new cases, 11 deaths


Ages 70+

June 22: 7,914 cases, 2,031 deaths

Today: 8,371 cases, 2,092 deaths (24.99% mortality rate)

457 total new cases, 61 deaths



From June 22 to today, we have added 5,989 new COVID-19 cases.

The percentages are as follows.

18-under: 11.08% of cases

Ages 18-29: 33.88% of cases

Ages 30-39: 15.61% of cases

Ages 40-49: 13.09% of cases

Ages 50-59: 10.95% of cases

Ages 60-69: 7.75% of cases

Ages 70+: 7.63% of cases


Cases in people 39 and under: 60.57% of cases

Cases in people 40+: 39.43% of cases

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