We see the numbers, but what do they mean?

In this story, we seek to make better sense of the numbers that we’re seeing around the state when it comes to cases of COVID-19.


Twenty-eight of 64 parishes in Louisiana have positive cases of COVID-19. Orleans Parish has, by far, the most positive cases with 326. Here is a run-down of the 28 parishes and there cases in order.

Note: All parishes with a death are placed at the top in the list.

Note: Bold indicates a parish in the "Bayou Region". 

Orleans - 326 cases, 10 deaths

Jefferson - 104 cases, 2 deaths

Catahoula - 1 case, 1 death

St. James - 1 case, 1 death

Caddo - 12 cases

St. Tammany - 12 cases

East Baton Rouge - 7 cases

St. Charles - 7 cases

Terrebonne - 7 cases

Lafayette - 6 cases

St. John the Baptist - 6 cases

Bossier - 5 cases

Lafourche - 5 cases

St. Bernard - 5 cases

Ascension - 3 cases

Calcasieu - 3 cases

Rapides - 3 cases

West Baton Rouge - 3 cases

DeSoto - 2 cases

Iberia - 2 cases

St. Landry - 2 cases

Washington - 2 cases

Assumption - 1 case

Iberville - 1 case

Livingston - 1 case

Plaquemines - 1 case

Tangipahoa - 1 case

Webster - 1 case

Parish under investigation - 7 cases


There has been a miscommunication between experts and the public since the start of the spread of this virus.

Experts have told us throughout that the elderly are most at risk to have serious complications from the virus, but that anyone can contract it.

But somewhere along the line, many in the public heard that message as “only elderly people can contract the virus.”

This is not the case, and the numbers show it.

One thing that is apparent, however, is that children are mostly immune — thank God.

It is also fair to note that dozens of patients in the lower age categories have reported to The Gazette this past week that they have had symptoms, but weren’t tested because they were low-risk. They were, instead, sent home to quarantine. So it is possible that there are more younger people — especially in the 18-29 and 30-39 categories — who have the virus, than reported.

Cases by age

18 and under - 1 case

Ages 18-29 - 32 cases

Ages 30-39 - 75 cases (1 death)

Ages 40-49 - 113 cases (2 deaths)

Ages 50-59 - 108 cases (2 deaths)

Ages 60-69 - 96 cases (1 death)

Ages 70+ - 112 cases (8 deaths)


We’ve also been asked repeatedly about testing in Louisiana. To date, 1,084 tests have been completed by the State Lab. The Department of Health also reports that 847 tests have been reported to the state by commercial labs, which would indicate 537 positive tests out of 1,931 completed tests. The number of tests has ramped up significantly in recent days. Earlier this week, we were not even to 1,000 completed tests yet.

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