Our area was devastated by a direct hit from Hurricane Ida.

While work is ongoing to try and restore normalcy to the extreme southern reaches of the parish, one local business is expanding in hopes of providing people in the area with some much-needed shelter.

Jambon’s RV Park was destroyed by Ida, but is rebuilding and expanding — soon to have 90 spots available for campers with the hopes of having 150 more available after that. Business owner Josh Jambon said he’s trying to purchase 25 RVs for those who have loss of use claims on their insurance policies, which would put roofs over their heads and a small piece of normalcy in a tough, trying time.

“The facility will have lighting and a 24/7 security guard present,” Jambon said. “We are trying to keep it a simple and family-oriented. We don’t want to just stick people in RVs. We have a school bus that turns in the La. 1 area, and mail is being delivered to the physical address and is being distributed, and Rouses is just a mile north of us.”

For Jambon, business and helping our community is in his blood.

His father, Jack, opened up shop in the early 60s with a restaurant and lounge in Golden Meadow. In 1975, the business moved to its current location at 20804 La. Highway 1 in Golden Meadow.

Josh Jambon said he’s been involved in many fields during his career. He helped expand his father’s business to include a restaurant and lounge and then to a motel in 1983. The business later added a convenience store and car wash, then the RV Park. Jambon also sparked Jambon Marine, which at its peak, had 386 employees and vessels all around the world.

After Zeta, Jambon said the RV Park suffered severe damages and he was torn about whether to rebuild.

“But I did,” Jambon said.

After Ida, the facility was damaged again, and Jambon said he again was faced with a decision of what to do with the park.

“After a few weeks, I had a visitor from FEMA at my residence asking what my plans were for my RV Park,” Jambon said. “I said, ‘I have no idea what to do.’ I have no insurance and I’m not sure what — if anything — to do next.”

Jambon said as more time went by, he felt motivated to help. Inspired by neighbors Chad and Trixy Boudreaux, Jambon said he started to send honest people to help locals with their electrical and roofing needs to help get the community back on its feet.

Around that same time, Jambon said he got a call from the Governor’s Office asking him to please consider re-opening his park.

The task is tall. The work will be extensive. The storm damaged 36 destroyed RVs on the site and will require the facility to be started from scratch.

But after talking to the Governor’s people and getting crews on the job, he said his team is well on its way.

Jambon said times are tough, and he knows that it's a struggle for everyone right now. He said he finds motivation in seeing the proud eyes of his father, now 83, as he sees the work being done and the progress being made.

“The biggest blessing is seeing my father, who is disabled and devastated since the storm ride down and see the excitement in his face,” Jambon said. “He told me he wishes he could walk, because he would be out here helping me.”

To apply for a program to get a unit at the park, call 1-844-268-0301 or log into and complete the process online.

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