United States Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) announced today $2 million in funding from the Department of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to support wetland conservation efforts and bird populations in southeast Louisiana and Vermilion Parish.

“I am pleased to see these resources flow into in Southeast Louisiana and Vermilion Parish to support bird habitats. Louisiana is an outdoorsman’s paradise, so it is important we prioritize conservation practices in our wetlands for the sake of our land, resources and economy,” said Kennedy.

FWS awarded $1 million to aid in conservation education and practice, outdoor recreation and bird population in close to 5,000 acres in Southeast Louisiana.

The fowl species benefiting from this include black rail, brown pelican and bald eagles.

Another $1 million was given for marsh enhancement in Vermilion Parish for 5,211 acres for conservation and supporting the bird population.

These grants are congruent with the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. This program is the only program of its kind supported by federal funds. Awards will be matched by partners of the program.

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