Lady of the Sea Medical Clinics announced today that it has implemented Telemedicine visits for its patients, as well as curb-side clinic visits. 

The hospital said it has been doing the visits for the past week and they have been designed to continue to offer the highest level of patient safety to all patients.

“Prior to the Pandemic, our rural health clinics did not provide Telemedicine services due to specific rules for Medicare and Medicaid, but as the government responded to Covid-19 by changing some of the rules, Telemedicine has become a great way for us to offer medical care through our Larose and Cut Off Family Medical Clinics,” said Tad Lafont, Chief Clinic Officer at Lady of the Sea.

By offering Telemedicine, some patients will be able to access the same quality care at home as they do from an in-clinic visit.

All that a patient needs is a phone line for audio or an internet connection and a smart phone or tablet for an audio/visual visit.

All patients are asked to call their clinic if they start feeling ill or if they have a healthcare need.

Phone clerks at the clinics are working directly with the providers to offer the best option for medical care to protect both LOS's patients and families.

LOS asks that when patients call in, they please be prepared to offer detailed information on the reason for their visit so that the hospital can offer each patient the best options for each unique situation.

Some patients may need to be seen in person by a provider, but may not need to come into the clinic.

For those patients, LOS has setup curb-side visit areas at both its Larose and Cut Off clinics.

The hospital says it has reimagined the patient visit as they go through the process to make sure that all services continue to be timely, accessible and safe for all patients.

For the patients who do need to be seen in the clinic, LOS has put into place limited access in its waiting area to only patients and essential caregivers of those patients.

“We’ve enacted a strict no visitor policy for both of our clinics. Anyone needing to enter the clinic is screened prior to entering the waiting area,” Mr. Lafont reported. “We are committed to doing everything we can to provide health care in a safe, HIPAA-compliant environment for our community and our patients.”

LOS said it has also enacted many of the same policies and services at its Lady of the Sea Outpatient Rehab Clinic.

There, they will offer Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services through audio / visual communications as well and have been working diligently to work with all of their patients to continue to provide for their therapy needs during these trying times. Each patient case will be evaluated by the therapy staff to maximize the effectiveness of therapy plans utilizing the Telemedicine platforms available.

LOS says all of its clinics, pharmacies and the hospital, itself, employ people from the community. The hospitals employees take pride in providing the highest quality in healthcare to their families, friends and neighbors in South Lafourche.

LOS is also continuing to strongly urge people to follow the advice of the CDC, the Louisiana Department of Health and our federal, state and local leaders - wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds at a time, cover your cough with the inside of your elbow or a tissue, practice social distancing when you must leave your home, and stay home as mandated. By all of us doing our part to fight this Pandemic, LOS says it hopes to limit its impact.

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