Louisiana's COVID-19 update on Saturday has continued the state's slowed, plateaued new case growth, now one week since entering Phase I of the government's re-opening plan.

The state has 37,040 COVID-19 cases now, up from 36,925 cases on yesterday.

These are not active cases. These are total cases. The active case number is far lower, because 26,249 patients have recovered – a number that is actually probably far higher because recoveries were last updated on May 16, now one week ago.

The state has 2,560 COVID-19 deaths. That's up from 2,545 deaths yesterday.

To increase by just 115 new cases is good progress for the state, but there were a small amount of tests processed today, compared to days past.

Louisiana processed 2,639 tests in the newest update. The state said they had an issue communicating with private labs, so expect a larger than normal number of processed test tomorrow. 

In Lafourche Parish, COVID-19 cases stayed the same with 766 cases.

The parish has 68 COVID-19 deaths, up three from yesterday.

By slowing Lousiana's daily COVID-19 case spread, the state's hospitals picture has gotten better.

The state once had 2,100+ patients hospitalized with COVID-19 ailments. That number is now cut in more than half and is 836 patients. It was 867 yesterday.

The state once had 571 patients on ventilators with COVID-19 ailments. That number is 112 now. It was 104 yesterday.

The state will continue to issue updates throughout the holiday weekend.

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