Lafourche Parish is reporting 14 new COVID-19 cases in the past 48 hours, which would indicate that if the state had issued an update today, the parish likely wouldn't have seen a large increase in new cases.

Parish President Archie Chaisson said that from June 25-26, Lafourche has been alerted of 14 total new cases of COVID. 

Parish Government gets alerted of new cases, as well as receiving information on the location of the patient - all in an effort to allow government officials to study trends and data regarding where the virus is existent in the parish.

The numbers that Lafourche reports daily sometimes vary from the COVID-19 numbers reported by the Department of Health because the state often has issues of backlogging with some labs turning in days worth of data - all at once.

Lafourche's numbers are generally believed to be more accurate depictions of how many of the new cases were actually from the particular day - without backlog or delay. 

Yesterday, there were 7 new COVID-19 cases reported by the Department of Health.

So for the parish to report 14 cases in two days would yield that today's update - if one would have been posted - would have also given Lafourche just a small case increase.

In addition to giving the total number of cases, Chaisson also gave updated information on believed active cases of COVID-19 in Lafourche. For both statistics, cases are also separated by region of the parish.

Those stats are below.

Lafourche Parish COVID-19 cases (From June 25-26)

Total Cases: 14

Northern Lafourche: 5 cases

Central Lafourche: 3 cases

Southern Lafourche: 6 cases


Known Active COVID-19 cases

Total known active cases: 201 cases

Northern Lafourche: 50 cases

Central Lafourche: 68 cases

Southern Lafourche: 74 cases

Unknown region: 9 cases

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