Local musician Ben Labat released a new single today, his third and final track from a three-song collection he started earlier this year.

The new single, "Rocket Heart," can be purchased/played by clicking HERE.

Labat's been all over the map musically. He's recorded with Greg Ladanyl, sang a duet with Jackson Browne and the new series of singles reflects the influence of his journey.

"It's been an interesting road full of heartfelt greetings, cold goodbyes, successes failures, falling and getting up," Labat said of his journey. "But I truly believe the ringing in the ears is worth a song in the heart."

"Rocket Heart" is a song which will add depth to Labat's emotional, vivid body of work, which is already expansive with five studio albums and a handful of singles.

The song was written and produced by Labat and recorded at Music Shed Studios in New Orleans and then mixed and mastered by Robby Smith.

“We all know those individuals that follow their hearts through it all,” he says. “No Plan B and ready and willing to go down in flames. Plain and simple, ‘Rocket Heart’ is a dedication to them. Those individuals who manage to stay children at heart, those that pursue the dream to the end, and those who are sometimes deemed reckless by a society that seems to continually place more value on material and quantity over soul and creativity. ‘Rocket Heart’ is a song for them. ‘Rocket Heart’ is a song for us.”

While the song may be out today, the video for the song is soon to follow.

The official music video for “Rocket Heart” is scheduled to premiere on YouTube on Monday, November 23, at 9am EST. It was shot last year at the spot where the song was recorded, Music Shed Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Devin Williams.

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