The Louisiana Department of Health issued its new COVID-19 update today, and the state of Louisiana and Lafourche Parish both have added new cases in the past 24 hours.

State cases rose from 39,577 to 39,916 in the new update, which encompasses new data processed from 12:01 p.m. yesterday to 11:59 a.m. today. An update of 339 new state cases is about normal for what we've seen in recent days. 

The state processed 6,290 tests in that time yesterday, and Louisiana has met its goal of processing more than 200,000 tests in the month of May.

Louisiana has had 2,686 COVID-19 deaths. That number is up from 2,680 reported yesterday. Death reports are usually a little slower on weekends, but to add just 6 deaths in a 24-hour period is one of the lowest numbers the state has had during its pandemic history - weekend or not. 

For Lafourche Parish, COVID-19 cases rose from 809 to 821 in the new update. The parish has 71 coronavirus deaths, the same number it's now had for several days.

All of the above numbers are TOTAL numbers. State officials stress that ACTIVE cases are far smaller, because more than 30,000 people have recovered of COVID-19 since the pandemic and the 2,686 have died. Recovery numbers will be updated tomorrow.

While the state adds new cases daily, slowed case growth has meant progress in the state's hospitals.

Louisiana once had 2,100+ patients hospitalized in the state with COVID-19-related ailments. That number has been slashed in recent weeks and is now 678. It was 674 yesterday.

Ventilator use has dropped, as well. The state once had 571 patients on ventilators at the pandemic's peak. That number is now 84. It was also 84 yesterday.

Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to announce tomorrow when or if the state will enter Phase II of the re-opening plan.

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