Louisiana's COVID picture continues to get clearer. The state released new data today, which showed that the virus is spreading less easily in the state than before.

The state added 4,650 new COVID cases since Friday's update. In previous post-weekend updates, we were routinely adding 10,000 or more new COVID cases.

Our hospitalizations are also down - now to 1,631. Our state's hospitals system has far more bedding now than 6 weeks ago when some parts of the state had zero available ICU beds.

See the new numbers below:


New cases: 4,650 (since Friday)

Total COVID cases: 717,224

New deaths: 64 (since Friday)

Total deaths: 13,120

Total Lafourche COVID cases: 17,007 (293 more than last Wednesday when we last updated)

Total Lafourche deaths: 267 (4 more than last Wednesday)

Lafourche's 7-day positivity: 11.6% (updated Wednesday; down from 17.2% last week)

Louisiana COVID hospitalizations: 1,631 (264 fewer than last Wednesday)

Louisiana COVID patients on ventilators: 297 (81 less than last Wednesday)

Region 3 COVID hospitalizations: 69 (6 more than last Wednesday)

Region 3 COVID patients on ventilators: 13 (2 fewer than last Wednesday)


In cases from August 26-Sept. 1, unvaccinated COVID patients accounted for:

-89% of COVID cases

-84% of COVID deaths

Unvaccinated COVID patients make up 88% of our current COVID hospitalizations, as of September 12

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