Louisiana's COVID situation continues to get better.

The Louisiana Department of Health posted new numbers today – their first COVID update since Friday.

In the new figures, the state saw another steep decline in COVID hospitalizations, while also adding fewer new cases per day than we'd been seeing in previous Monday updates.

At the peak of the Delta wave, Louisiana would often add 10,000+ new cases in the Monday updates, which consider of new cases and data from Friday-Sunday.

Today, the state added 3,194 new cases in the new figures.

See the new numbers below:


New cases: 3,194 (in 3 days)

Total COVID cases: 728,831

New deaths: 55 (in 3 days)

Total deaths: 13,473

Total Lafourche COVID cases: 17,299 (81 more than Friday's update)

Total Lafourche deaths: 271 (2 more than Friday's update)

Lafourche's 7-day positivity: 12.4% (updated Wednesday; up from 11.6% last week)

Louisiana COVID hospitalizations: 1,276 (91 fewer than Friday)

Louisiana COVID patients on ventilators: 235 (16 fewer than Friday)

Region 3 COVID hospitalizations: 72 (3 more than Friday)

Region 3 COVID patients on ventilators: 12 (same as Friday)


In cases from Sept. 2-8, unvaccinated COVID patients accounted for:

-88% of COVID cases

-85% of COVID deaths

Unvaccinated COVID patients make up 88% of our current COVID hospitalizations, as of September 19

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