Monday's COVID update has given the state of Louisiana new COVID cases and continued progress in flattening the state's curve.

The state reports 497 new COVID cases today, bringing Louisiana's total to 157,947.

The state's % positive rate today is 3.9%, with 497 new cases and 12,569 new processed tests.

Louisiana's death total went up by 17 today. The state's total deaths now are 5,082.

For Lafourche Parish, COVID cases went up by 12 today, bringing the parish's total to 3,447.

Lafourche has 118 COVID deaths.

The parish's % positive rate today was 4.0% with 12 new cases and 294 processed tests.

The best signs of progress in our pandemic fight comes in the form of hospitalizations, numbers which have been cut in half in recent weeks.

The state's COVID hospitalizations today are 664. They were 680 yesterday.

The state's COVID ventilator use today sits at 105. They were 107 yesterday.

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