The State of Louisiana added a larger number of COVID-19 cases today than normal. But the Department of Health says the "case dump" is old with some new cases from March. 

The state now has 36,504 COVID-19 cases. That's up from the 35,316 cases we had at the same time yesterday. That 1,188 new cases would be a new high for Louisiana, but the DOH added a disclaimer in today's update, saying that 682 (62 percent) of the new cases came from one lab, which reported for the first time. some of the cases are months old, including some from March. 

The numbers back up that statement. 

There were 19,411 tests processed in the new update, easily the most tests processed in a single day in Lousiana, a number that doubles the previous second place.

The state has now suffered 2,506 COVID-19 deaths during the pandemic. That number is up from 2,485 yesterday.

In Lafourche Parish, the new numbers are 763 cases and 64 deaths. The death total is the same, but yesterday, the parish had 753 COVID-19 cases.

By slowing the rate of new COVID-19 cases in Louisiana, the state has made progress in its hospitalizations - enough to enter Phase I of the government's re-opening plan.

The state once had 2,100+ patients hospitalized with COVID-19-related ailments, but those numbers have plummeted in recent weeks and is now 884. It was 931 patients yesterday.

The same has been said of ventilators. There were once 571 patients on ventilators in Louisiana, but the number is now 107. It was 111 yesterday.

This progress comes as the state has entered Phase I, which is a resumption of most businesses that were closed by the stay-at-home orders, mostly now with just 25 percent capacity.

Massage parlors, bowling alleys, spas, tattoo parlors and youth camps are among the things that remain closed in Phase I.

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