Louisiana coronavirus hospitalizations jumped again today, a continuing trend in our state's third wave of this pandemic fight.

The state reports 1,241 COVID hospitalizations today, up from 1,196 reported yesterday. 

Our hospitalizations have risen sharply in the past several weeks as the third wave of the pandemic digs its heels into the state. 

The state's last peak of hospitalizations was 1,600 in the late-summer "second wave". But through mitigation, that number dropped to 522 COVID hospitalizations in early-October.

But in recent weeks, our numbers have risen exponentially to their current position.

There are 125 COVID patients on ventilators in Louisiana, a number that has also risen in recent weeks, but not as drastically as hospitalizations. 

In Region 3, our region's hospitalizations have been far flatter than the state's. Our hospitalizations have dropped from 35 yesterday to 34 today. We continue to have 4 COVID patients on ventilators in the region.

The reason why we're seeing rises in COVID hospitalizations is due to an increase in the spread of the virus in Louisiana communities.

The state added 171 new COVID cases today, bringing Louisiana's totals to 220,421 since the start of the pandemic.

Louisiana's % positive rate today is 14.6% with 171 new cases and 1,166 processed tests. 

It should be noted that the state's public testing sites have been closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, so the majority of these tests are likely from symptomatic patients, thus the higher number. 

The state reports 13 new deaths today, bringing Louisiana's total to 6,163.

For Lafourche Parish, there were 8 new COVID cases today, bringing the parish's total to 4,368. 

The parish's % positive rate today is 2.6% with 8 new cases and 297 processed tests. 

Lafourche has 136 confirmed COVID deaths from the start of the pandemic. 

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