The state of Louisiana has added new COVID cases in today's update from the Department of Health, and it also added new hospitalizations, offsetting the gains made over the weekend. 

Total COVID cases for Louisiana rose from 107,574 to 109,917 in the past 24 hours. The new cases come from tests processed yesterday from noon Sunday to noon today.

The state processed 26,758 of those tests in the new update. Adding 2,343 new cases to 26,758 processed tests is an 8.7% positive rate, which is below the 10% benchmark the Federal Government has set. That 8.7% number is also better than the state has been doing in recent days. 

For Louisiana, there have now been 3,674 COVID deaths. That number was 3,651 yesterday. 

In Lafourche Parish, there are now 2,393 total COVID cases (though the number of actual cases numbers around 800). The number was 2,319 yesterday. There have been 95 Lafourche Parish deaths due to the COVID pandemic. 

Lafourche added 74 new COVID cases yesterday in 401 processed tests, a 18,4% positive rate, which is almost double the state average. But that number could be due to a shortage in tests locally, which has some doctors only testing patients with symptoms. 

For Louisiana, the biggest sign of progression or regression in the pandemic fight comes in hospitalizations. 

The state is reporting 1,600 COVID hospitalizations today. That number was 1,557 yesterday. 

The state is reporting 208 patients are on ventilators due to COVID. That number was 184 yesterday.

For Region 3, COVID hospitalizations number 83 patients. They were 68 yesterday. One piece of good news is that there are 7 patients on ventilators due to COVID in Region 3. That number was 9 yesterday. 

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