Hand sanitizer

Recently, a story on social media generated attention, showing photos of a car burned by hand sanitizer that exploded on the inside due to hot weather.

That story has been shared thousands of times and has even been picked up by reputable national media outlets. 

But a national fire control organization is saying that's fake news and that people are free to keep the cleaning item in their cars - even in the dead of summer.

The National Fire Protection Association posted a story on its website today, saying that the story of hand sanitizer being dangerous is a "myth," saying that it's safe to keep in cars in small amounts for personal use.

Their decision is backed with facts.

First, the story that went viral had a photo of a burnt car, which was exaggerated, because the host has corrected the image and said the fire shown was not due to an alcohol fire, but was something else.

But also, NFP says that alcohol-based solutions, while flammable, do not ignite until temperates approach 500 degrees. That's far below the temperature of a Louisiana car - even one parked in direct sunlight on the hottest of our hot days.

They conclude that hand sanitizer is safe for storage in a car, but that one should keep it in just small, personal amounts.

Car owners are also cautioned to not keep any form of spark or flame next to the alcohol to stay safe, and likewise, they should keep the product out of direct sunlight and in a glove box, when possible.

The NFPA's story on this can be accessed by CLICKING HERE:

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