As is becoming somewhat of a theme, a "network issue" is not allowing the state of Louisiana to issue a COVID-19 update today. 

COVID-19 cases in the state are still at 38,802, the same number they were yesterday. The department said they will report new cases tomorrow. 

The state did update its COVID-19 deaths to 2,661. They were at 2,635 yesterday.  

Lafourche cases remain at 789, pending the new numbers. 

The parish has 71 COVID-19 deaths, the same number it has had for three days. 

For more than a month, Louisiana has flattened its curve from its peak. The state once was adding well more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day with high percentages of total tests coming back positive.

Now, case growth has slowed, even as testing has ramped up and the state usually now sees 4-6 percent of its total tests in a day come back positive.

By stemming that tide, Louisiana has gotten in a better situation with its hospitals, and we actually do have new numbers in that area. 

The state currently has 714 patients hospitalized with COVID-19-related ailments. That number was 761 yesterday, but was once close to 2,200 during the peak of the pandemic.

Ventilator usage has plummeted, as well. There are 90 Louisiana residents currently on ventilators. There were 100 yesterday and 571 was our peak ventilator usage at the peak of the pandemic many weeks ago.

The next update will come at the same time tomorrow, assuming the "network issue" is fixed.

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