The center of Tropical Storm Nicholas is inland and weakening over Texas. The storm’s lopsided shape will pump bands of rain into Louisiana for the next 24-36 hours.

Nicholas made landfall early this morning as a hurricane. It has since crawled to the north-northeast and has lost its steam, now holding just 45 mph winds at its center. Nicholas will further weaken in the coming hours, but its lopsided structure has almost all of its rains to the east. Those bands will continue to pump moisture into Louisiana over the next day and a half.

Models show some of the state could receive upwards of 7+ inches from Nicholas, which could cause flooding to already-moist areas of the state from Ida.

The storm will continue to crawl to the north-northeast, then to the east closer to Louisiana. It will eventually be sheared by dry wind, which should fizzle most of the system apart.

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