Howie Guidry

A potentially tragic situation ended without injury on Thursday after the pilot of a small plane cautionary landed on the side of the road on La. Highway 3235.

The Gazette has received dozens of social media messages this morning about reports of a plane that landed on the side of the road off La. 3235.

The family of local businessman and pilot Howie Guidry have since confirmed on social media that the plane belonged to Guidry and that the landing was an emergency landing that thwarted a possible bad situation.

Guidry went up this morning to do an annual check on his plane.

With a mechanic on board, something went wrong while in the sky, which forced an immediate emergency landing.

Without an engine, Guidry was able to safely pilot the plane out of the sky and safely onto the side of the road without crashing into anyone, nor without injury in the plane, a feat that requires precision and skilled piloting efforts.

Valerie Guidry Callais, the pilot's daughter, said the family believes the situation was miracle's work.

During a time when traffic on La. Highway 3235 is plentiful with folks going south towards Grand Isle, there was not a car in sight when Guidry took the plane to its landing.

The family says there is no damage to the plane - besides its engine problems. 

Valerie said her father initially "freaked out a little" when he learned of the engine trouble, but then calmed himself and relied on years of experience and hundreds of hours in the air.

"God was definitely his co-pilot today," she said. 

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