The updated Louisiana Department of Health COVID-19 numbers did jump Lafourche's cases from 15 to 16.

But there was some promising news for our state as a whole.

Yes, cases did jump from 1,172 to 1,388, but diving into the history of the virus's spread over the past 2 weeks shows why the update was perhaps a win for Louisiana.

Throughout the past week, total cases in Louisiana have been jumping 35-40% daily, as testing has ramped up and more and more tests are being completed.

But today's update increased Louisiana's total cases by just 18.4 percent, which marks the single lowest 24-hour increase in the virus's spread in the past 2 weeks in our state.

And what makes that number even more impressive is that there were a record 2,655 cases completed in the state, which would normal lend itself to a larger number of positive tests coming back, but today, that didn't happen.

It's one day.

No one is going to declare the battle won.

Experts say we should continue our social distancing practices and continue to follow the Governor's Shelter in Place order.

But for one day, at least, the numbers looked good for the state, and it may give hope to citizens that the ship may be beginning to steer toward calmer waters.

See below the case load in Louisiana over the past several days.


March 24: 1,388 cases (18.4% increase )

March 23: 1,172 cases (40.0% increase)

March 22: 837 cases (9.69% increase**)

March 21: 763 cases (42.1% increase).

March 20: 537 cases (37.7% increase)

March 19: 390 cases (39.3% increase)

March 18: 280 cases (42.9% increase)

March 17: 196 cases (44.1% increase)

March 16: 136 cases (32.0% increase)

March 15: 103 cases (33.8% increase)

March 14: 77 cases (113.9% increase)

March 13: 36 cases (89.5% increase)

March 12: 19 cases (46.1% increase)

**March 22's figures are skewed. From March 12-21, Louisiana issued two COVID-19 updates daily, at 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. On March 22, Louisiana issued just 1 update at 9:30 a.m., so the March 22 figures represent just half of a day.

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