Updated COVID-19 recovery statistics show that lately, Louisiana is going backwards in its pandemic fight. 

But as a whole, there still has been good progress made.

The state issued new COVID-19 recovery data today which shows that 42,225 patients have recovered of coronavirus in Louisiana. That's up from the 39,792 total recoveries the state reported last Monday.

But there is not much other good news in this update.

Every, single other metric measured regressed in the past 7 days and have regressed now for the past several weeks, as the state continues to add more total cases, which is resulting in more active cases and now also, more hospitalizations. 

The state has 57,081 COVID-19 cases and 3,091 reported deaths with the 42,225 recoveries.

Adding deaths to recoveries show that 45,316 of the state's 57,081 cases are CLOSED, representing 79.3 percent.

Subtracting 45,316 closed cases from the state's 57,081 total cases show that there are 11,765 active cases in Louisiana right now. That's more than 4,000 active cases today than last Monday. 

See numbers from week-to-week.


Today: 11,765

Last Monday: 7,443

Two Mondays ago: 7,249 

Three Mondays ago: 6,315

Four Mondays ago: 5,923

Five Mondays ago: 6,524 

Six Mondays ago: 6,020

Seven Mondays ago: 6,965

Eight Mondays ago: 7,366

Nine Mondays ago: 8,068


Today: 79.3 percent

Last Monday: 85.1 percent

Two Mondays ago: 84.6 percent 

Three Mondays ago: 85.3 percent

Four Mondays ago: 85.3 percent 

Five Mondays ago: 82.7 percent

Six Mondays ago: 82.6 percent 

Seven Mondays ago: 78.1 percent

Eight Mondays ago: 75.2 percent

Nine Mondays ago: 70.1 percent


Today: 42,225

Last Monday: 39,792

Two Mondays ago: 37,017 

Three Mondays ago: 33,904

Four Mondays ago: 31,728

Five Mondays ago: 28,700

Six Mondays ago: 26,249

Seven Mondays ago: 22,608

Eight Mondays ago: 20,316

Nine Mondays ago: 17,303


Today: 737 hospitalized, 79 on ventilators. 

Last Monday: 630 hospitalized, 77 on ventilators

Two Mondays ago: 568 hospitalized, 76 on ventilators

Three Mondays ago: 582 hospitalized, 71 on ventilators 

Four Mondays ago: 661 hospitalized, 86 on ventilators  

Five Mondays ago: 847 hospitalized, 102 on ventilators

Six Mondays ago: 1,031 hospitalized, 118 on ventilators 

Seven Mondays ago: 1,310 hospitalized, 157 on ventilators 

Eight Mondays ago: 1,502 hospitalized, 220 on ventilators 

Nine Mondays ago: 1,683 hospitalized, 262 on ventilators

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