A second local eatery in the South Lafourche area is closing temporarily as a precaution after a worker tested positive for COVID-19.

CherAmie's Seafood announced the closure today, saying that a worker tested positive for COVID-19 and is not having any symptoms.

The restaurant planned to be off from May 28-31 anyway to allow workers some time to rest and recover with a long weekend, but the restaurant said they will extend that closure for longer to ensure a safe re-opening post-pandemic.

"We are very sorry to inform everyone that we (were) in the process of closing to give the ladies a few days off since they have been working so hard, but we were informed this morning that one of our ladies has tested positive for the virus, with no symptoms of having the virus," the restaurant said on Facebook. "I actually think other people found out before we did. Therefore, we will be closing until it is safe to open."

The restaurant said they were already scheduled to get their building cleaned and sanitized and they have been taking every precaution possible to keep the public and their workers safe.

"This is a very silent and scary virus," the restaurant said. "Take care and be safe everyone."

CherAmie's joins Mommie Jo's in closing. The latter announced their decision last night after several workers contracted the virus.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Take care, stay safe and we're praying for everyone at CherAmie's to have a safe recovery and a successful re-opening! 

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