Shooting Da Crap

Chad Boudreaux said he's been checking the weather app on his phone for the past two weeks, hoping to see sunny skies and comfortable temperatures for the day of his event.

"I checked it every hour of every day," Boudreaux said. "Last year, we got some rain and it was sloppy back there. This year, I was just praying that we'd get good weather."

God answered those prayers.

And He also ensured that there were big crowds and fun to be had for all.

Joe's Septic Contractors' annual Shooting Da Crap Clay Shooting Competition enjoyed a successful ride on Saturday with gorgeous weather and big crowds coming together to raise money for charity.

Boudreaux said the event jumped from more than 20 teams last year to close to 40 this year.

That size leap, given the current economic climate, is humbling to the host family, which said it's so grateful to put on such a successful event.

"We had almost double the teams this year," Boudreaux said. "That's just an amazing feeling. To see so many people coming together, it's just one of the greatest feelings in the world."

With so many teams, the competition was fierce with so many talented marksmen shooting clays to try and take home first prize.

In the adult competition, the KSI Marine team won first place. Comprised of Alex Melancon, Grady Fagan, Brock Danos and Dustin Trege, the team pushed past the rest of the competition and into the winner's circle.

Melancon won the Top Overall Shooter.

He said was so thankful to be on the team with some of his best friends, but also to help raise money for charity with other members of our community.

"I can't thank them enough for letting me be a part of our team," Melancon said. "They're all good friends of mine. ... The Bayou Community is different from any other. All of the donations and everything are just great. Knowing this is such a good cause is the real reason we all came together on this Saturday. I want to say thank you to Mr. Chad and Mrs. Trixy for such a special event. I will surely be back next year."

In the Children's Competition, Nate Alario won the Youth Top Shooter.

Alario is the younger brother of Melancon. He said to be able to compete alongside his brother was what made his day - even more-so than winning.

Alario also said he was honored and humbled to be able to shoot with his buddy Drake, who had endured a couple of brain surgeries in recent months, but was still able to make the event.

"It's not about winning," Alario said. "Mr. Chad and Mrs. Trixy are awesome for doing this event for charity. I think there is nothing better than laughing and joking around with my friends, shooting, spending time with my brother and helping other people - all in the same day. I'm also thankful for my brother and my dad for always bringing me hunt and for showing me how to shoot since I was 3-years-old."

But, as always, this event was about more than just shooting.

There were events throughout the day for all people to enjoy. There was food, side games, an auction, music - all of the usual staples of the event.

Boudreaux said the event takes a lot of time, effort and planning. He conceded that by Saturday night, he and Trixy are exhausted.

But the look on the faces of the children positively impacted by the money raised makes all that effort and energy worth it - every, single time.

This event benefits Give Kids the World and The Center for Pediatric Therapy Special Needs Scholarship Fund. More than $250,000 had been raised since the event's inception.

And after yesterday, the family may be pushing $300,000.

"These kids are just so happy and grateful when you can help them out," Boudreaux said. "And we're so honored to have so much support from our community. I'm looking right now and I see hundreds of people from our area all either volunteering, shooting or passing a good time. You can't beat that. It's just the best feeling in the world."

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