New Louisiana COVID-19 numbers were released by the State Department of Health today, and this update is better than the last.

State cases rose from 51,595 to 52,477 in the new updated, the new cases coming from tests processed from 12:01 p.m. yesterday to 11:59 a.m. today. 

The state processed 12,566 new tests in the update. Adding 882 new cases in 12,566 new tests is a 7.0 percent positive test rate. 

Louisiana deaths jumped from 3,021 to 3,039 in the new update. 

For Lafourche, cases rose from 1,034 to 1,056 in the new data. Parish deaths are still steady at 83 - the same number we've seen now for many days. 

In the pandemic fight, the only numbers that are currently relevant are hospitalizations. Those numbers dictate if our re-opening efforts are going smoothly.

In recent weeks, our state hospitalizations have risen, causing anxiety amongst legal leaders, and also a 4-week extension of Phase II.

But in the new update, hospitalizations are down. There are 631 patients hospitalized in the state, down from 646 yesterday. Ventilator use is also down, from 83 yesterday to 77 today. 

In Region 3, hospitalizations rose from 11 to 14 in the past 24 hours, but ventilator use dropped from 2 to 1. 

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