Well, here's a first. COVID-19 cases have gone down in Louisiana.

The state of Louisiana issued 2 days worth of COVID-19 data today after not releasing any figures on Thursday.

The state's COVID-19 cases have actually decreased from 48,634 to 48,515 in the new update, which comprised two days worth of data after the state did not release an update yesterday.

Louisiana against doing so in an effort to clean its data to avoid duplicate cases and parish-by-parish disputes that have plagued the process.

In combing the data, the state found 1,666 cases that were either duplicates or which belonged to residents of other states, so removing those cases from the data allowed the total number of cases to down.

Doing math, we can also see that subtracting 1,666 from 48,634, we get 46,968 cases after the duplicates were removed.

So to now sit at 48,515 cases, it means that the state has added 1,547 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 2 days.

While that 1,547 number may feel high, it's for a reason.

The state processed 45,691 tests in the two-day report.

In Louisiana, COVID-19 deaths jumped from 2,957 to 2,972 today. Deaths are the only number that the state updated in yesterday's report.

For Lafourche Parish, COVID-19 cases have also decreased, going from 1,013 to 998, as part of the re-organization. But some deaths have also been re-classified, so the parish now lists 83 COVID-19 deaths.

For Louisiana, there is a caution about the future because while hospitalizations are generally down, in the past few days, they have made a slow comeback - a sign that local experts hope is not a trend of a second spike.

But today, there's progress again and a sign that maybe we're trending back where we need to trend.

On Wednesday, the state reported 585 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 ailments and 83 on ventilators.

Today, two days later, that number is 561 hospitalized and 75 on ventilators.

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