In the past two days, coronavirus hospitalizations have slightly dropped - a positive sign because COVID hospitalizations have sharply risen in recent days.

The state reports 967 COVID hospitalizations today, down from the 972 hospitalizations the state reported on Friday. 

This decrease - even if small - is a good sign because the state has been seeing rapid increases in its COVID hospitalizations in recent weeks.

The state's hospitalizations dropped to 522 in early-October after settling to as high as 1,600 in the late-summer spike.

But in recent days, numbers have been rising by sometimes 50-60 new patients per day before the small settling down period in the past two days.

There are 105 COVID patients on ventilators in Louisiana, up from 101 on Friday. 

In our region, Region 3, COVID hospitalizations dropped from 32 Friday to 27 today. 

Patients on ventilators remain flat at 4. 

The hospitalizations are a good sign, but the state still is seeing a rise in the numbers of patients testing positive for the virus.

The state reports 3,478 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours, raising state COVID totals to 210,124 from the start of the pandemic in March.

The state's % positive rate today is 7.6% with 3,478 new cases and 45,241 processed tests. 

The state reports 27 new COVID deaths in the past 48 hours, bringing the state's totals to 6,015. 

For Lafourche Parish, there were 51 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours, bringing the parish's totals up to 4,226.

The parish has 132 total COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic, up two from last report.

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