After a "planned power outage" yesterday, the state of Louisiana issued two days worth of new coronavirus cases today. 

The state now has 56,236 COVID-19 cases, up from the 54,769 cases the state reported on Friday.

In the past two days, the state added 1,467 new cases in 18,105 processed tests.

That ratio marks a 8.1 percent positive test rate, which is a touch higher than in recent days.

Louisiana deaths have risen from 3,077 on Friday to 3,086 today. Adding 9 deaths in two days is considered a good sign for the state, given the average deaths per day that we'd become used to in the early days of the pandemic. 

For Lafourche Parish, COVID-19 cases have increased from 1,071 in the last update on Friday to 1,097 now two days later. 

Parish President Archie Chaisson said that just more than 200 of those new cases are active, as the pandemic is now more than 3 months old. 

Parish COVID-19 deaths have risen from 85 to 86 in the new update. 

For Louisiana, the number that will dictate whether we can move forward in our re-opening efforts are hospitalizations and ventilator use, as flattening the curve is a measured designed to keep bedding supply ahead of patient demand during a pandemic.

At the peak of the pandemic in April, our COVID-19 patients surged past 2,100 patients hospitalized with coronavirus illness.

That number once dropped into the 550 range, but has since crept back up. It is 715 today. It was 700 on Friday.

Ventilator use was once a great concern, but is no longer. The state once had 571 ventilators in use on COVID-19 patients and was at risk of running out of the machines. But the numbers have dropped drastically, and we've also received reinforcements from the Federal Government to replenish our stock. 

There are now 76 patients on ventilators. There were 73 reported on Friday. 

The state has actually broken down its hospitalizations data day by day, and on Saturday, hospitalizations dropped from 700 to 697, but then today, they rose from 697 to 715. 

For ventilator use, the numbers rose from 73 on Friday to 81 on Saturday, and then dropped from 81 to 76 today. 

For Region 3, our hospitalizations are steady with 14 patients hospitalized and 1 on a ventilator. Those numbers are the same as the last update on Friday. 

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