The state of Louisiana added two days of coronavirus tests to state totals today after a scheduled day off on Saturday.

The new data shows strong positivity rates, but a large in state COVID hospitalizations.

The state added 2,565 new COVID cases in the past two days, bringing Louisiana totals to 196,924.

The state's percent positive rate today is 6.3% with 2,565 new cases and 40,344 processed tests.

The 6.3% number is a tic higher than we've seen in recent days, but it's far lower than the near 10% number we reported on Friday.

The state added 11 new COVID deaths in the past 2 days, bringing Louisiana's totals too 5,895. 

For Lafourche Parish, there were 27 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours. The parish's 2-day positivity rate is 2.7% with 27 new cases and 978 processed tests. 

Our hospitalizations are beginning to be on the incline.

The state reports 753 COVID hospitalizations today, up from the 692 COVID hospitalizations we reported on Friday. 

Our hospitalizations were as high as 1,600 in late-summer, but then dropped to 522 in October. Since then, they have slowly crept up - more markedly in recent days.

One reason that numbers may be on the incline, however, may be because hospitals have more room to operate and are being more precautious with patients.

That theory could hold validity because while hospitalizations have risen, patients on ventilators have not.

The state has 58 COVID patients on ventilators today. That number was 62 on Friday.

In our region, Region 3, hospitalizations continue to trend in the right direction.

There are 13 COVID patients hospitalized in the region and 1 on a ventilator. Those numbers were 9 hospitalized and 1 on a ventilator on Friday.

At the peak of the late-summer wave, our COVID hospitalizations surpassed 80. 

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