The state of Louisiana added new COVID cases today in a Thursday update - an update which also dropped our COVID hospitalizations.

The state added 823 new COVID cases today, bringing Louisiana's total coronavirus cases to 173,864.

The state's % positive rate today is 3.1% with 823 new cases and 26,284 processed tests.

The state added 12 new COVID deaths today, bringing Louisiana's total to 5,507 since the start of the pandemic.

For Lafourche Parish, there are 14 new COVID cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the parish's totals to 3,807.

Lafourche's % positive is 4.3% with the 14 new cases and 325 processed tests.

The parish has 123 total COVID deaths from the start of the pandemic.

The state's greatest progress point since the latest COVID wave have come in our hospitalizations.

The state once had 1,600 COVID hospitalizations earlier this summer - a number that has now dropped drastically. It was 582 yesterday and is now 566.

Ventilator use has continued to trend downward, as well.

The state had 64 patients on ventilators yesterday. It's 61 yesterday.

In our region, Region 3, COVID hospitalizations rose from 11 to 14 in the new update, but those numbers are way down as a whole from the 82 hospitalizations our region had in the peak of the last wave.

Ventilator use in the region sits at 1 patient.

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