The tropics are active in the Atlantic, but there is no imminent threat to Louisiana or the Gulf Coast.

The National Hurricane Center identifies four areas right now and all of the areas are not expected to impact the Gulf.

There are currently two named storms – Tropical Depression Pete and Tropical Depression Rose. Both of those areas were tropical storms in recent days, but have weakened.

Both are expected to drift off to sea in the coming days.

Another area is way off into the Atlantic and is not expected to impact land. That area has a 60% chance to develop in the next 5 days.

A fourth area is in the Atlantic off Africa. It is expected to become a named storm in the next 8-12 hours. That area, too, is expected to turn away from land and sail off to sea away from America.

The current cold front is expected to protect the Gulf Coast for the next several days. Additional fronts could further protect our area.

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