Louisiana COVID hospitalizations continued to sink in Tuesday's virus update from the state Department of Health.

The state reports 715 COVID hospitalizations today, down from 740 reported yesterday. 

Our hospitalizations have continued to drop in recent days as the state gets this third COVID wave under control.

In the fall, our COVID hospitalizations started to rise - a pattern which continued into winter. At its peak, our COVID hospitalizations rose to near 2,100. Today, 2 months later, our hospitalizations have been cut by nearly 2/3rds what they once were.

COVID patients on ventilators dropped today from 113 yesterday to 111 today. 

In Region 3, our COVID hospitalizations rose from 28 to 31 today. But as a whole, our region's progress has been marked. 

At the peak of the third wave, we had 113 virus hospitalizations in the region.

COVID patients on ventilators in our region stayed at 5 for the third-straight day today.

Our COVID hospitalizations have dropped for two reasons.

One, because great numbers of our state's elderly/at-risk patients have now been vaccinated. And two, because we're better limiting the spread of the virus in our communities.

The state reports 1,393 new COVID cases today, bringing the state's confirmed COVID case count to 367,040 since the start of the pandemic.

The state's % positive today is 5.1% with the 1,393 new cases and 27,066 processed tests.

The state's positivity has been around 5% now for several weeks - a clear sign of progress. In the worst of the third wave, our 7-day positivity for the state soared to 13%. 

The state reports 26 new COVID deaths today, bringing the confirmed virus death total to 8.834. 

In Lafourche, there are 21 new confirmed COVID cases today, bringing parish totals to 6,962 since the start of the pandemic. 

The parish's % positive today is 8.1%. 


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